Fostering in South London

Foster care plays a vital role in South London, offering a caring and supportive environment for children who are temporarily or permanently separated from their biological families. This essential social service in South London faces distinctive challenges and opportunities, reflecting the unique dynamics of the community and its diverse needs

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Foster Care SOUTH London

Have you considered fostering in South London

At Infinity Foster Care, we hold the conviction that one of the most impactful actions you can take is to create a significant, positive, and enduring change in the life of a child or young person

In the realm of Fostering South London, research has consistently demonstrated the invaluable contribution of foster carers, especially in the context of Foster Care South London, in providing essential support to children during their times of need.

South London, a vibrant and densely populated area of the UK’s capital, encounters its own unique challenges in foster care. Notably, there is a growing need for foster homes, driven by socio-economic factors, family breakdowns, and heightened awareness of child welfare. This increasing demand often surpasses the availability of foster care, resulting in a significant shortage of foster carers in the region

What you require to foster

We understand that fostering a child or young person is a big decision. It can be challenging but it is immensely rewarding.


The Role of a foster carer

As a foster carer you will become the most important member of a caring team, providing support for a child in need.



Transfer to infinity foster care

Transfer protocols guide the way in which the movement of foster carers should be managed between fostering services.


Fostering South London: Our Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose sets out the aims and objectives of Infinity Foster Care as a Independent Fostering Service Provider – the best one among all fostering agencies in London.

The Aim for Fostering South London

The Goal of Fostering in South London is to offer safe, nurturing, and inclusive environments for children requiring care. It emphasises the recruitment and support of a diverse array of foster carers to cater to the unique needs of each child. This initiative is dedicated to improving the well-being and development of children in foster care, fostering a sense of community and belonging in South London

Children and Young People in Care

Children and Young People in foster care typically emerge from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing their distinct experiences and requirements. They need stable and affectionate environments to foster their development, growth, and emotional health. The objective of foster care is to offer these youths a feeling of security and inclusion, aiding in their development of resilience and self-assurance. The experience in foster care can profoundly influence their future, highlighting the critical need for high-quality care and nurturing relationships.

Foster Carer Recruitment

The recruitment of foster carers is centered on attracting empathetic individuals capable of providing caring and nurturing homes for children in need. This endeavor is essential to maintain a consistent supply of qualified carers, meeting the varied and increasing needs of the foster care system effectively.

Fostering London: Working with Local Authorities

We are affiliated with several Local Authorities across London, Essex, and the Home Counties. Since our inception, we have established a robust reputation among Local Authority Placement Teams and carers for delivering a responsive, supportive, and professional service available 24 hours a day.

What our Foster Carers say…

“In my time fostering with Infinity I have found that they will always go the ‘extra mile’ to help support us with foster children.”

SY - Infinity Foster Carer

“Infinity Foster Care are very good and considerate at ‘matching’ us with the children and young person(s) that we care for.”

FA - Infinity Foster Carer

“We very much feel part of a fostering family at Infinity Foster Care. We are treated and well respected as professionals.”

DS - Infinity Foster Carer

‘Together we can make a real difference!’