About Us

We are an Independent Fostering Agency that is dedicated to supporting you to help children improve their quality of life.

About US

Our Story

Infinity Foster Care is an independent fostering service that was established to provide outstanding foster families to children and young people coming into care.

We registered with Ofsted in August 2019.

Since our establishment, we have worked very hard to successfully establish a truly dedicated team of qualified professionals who are inspired by the great work done by foster carers in caring for children and young people.

We work with local authorities across country.

In the South East, we cover the following areas: London and Essex.

Our head office is based in Ilford, East London. We have qualified and experienced social work team to help us deliver an outstanding local service to foster carers and children.

Infinity Foster Care works with children from birth to the age of 18 years old.

Our Team


The management activities are primarily undertaken by the Service Manager (The Registered Manager). All managers at Infinity Foster Care are fully qualified and experienced in managing dedicated teams of qualified staff to help deliver an outstanding service to carers and foster children.

Young Person’s Ambassador:

Our Young Person’s Ambassador was in foster care and is a care leaver. They make independent visits to children and young people who are placed with Infinity Foster Care.

Their main aim to ensure their concerns are heard and addressed by reporting back to the team to address specific issues to ensure the needs of the child are met – either by the foster carers, the agency or the social worker.

Supervising Social Workers:

Supervising Social Workers are responsible for providing support and supervision to foster carers.

Our Supervising Social Workers have the appropriate social work qualifications e.g. DipSW/CSS/CQSW, and are registered with Social Work England. 

Admin and Support Workers:

Administrators conduct statutory checks regarding foster carers, maintain policies and procedures, establish systems to maintain full information and records regarding foster carers and children in placement.

We also work closely with specialist teams and support workers to assist children and young people with their needs.

What We Offer Our Foster Carers

24/7 Support And guidance

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that you are given the right support and advice when needed.

Supervising Social Worker

Your allocated social worker will visit and call you regularly. They will be your main point of contact and support.

Training and Development

We offer opportunities for all of our Foster Carers to develop every month either in the form of training or support groups.

Mentors for Young People

We provide mentors who will visit and spend time with young people, with a view to give them support, encouragement and guidance about their life.

Social Events And Family Outings

Fostering can be tough so, we organise various fun events and family outings throughout the year for you, your family and foster children.


Paid Membership to FosterTalk

You will become a paid member of one of the largest fostering related networks in the country and get free independent support and advice.

Paid Holidays

Foster Carers get an allowance of 14 days Paid Holidays (Respite) every year.

Fostering Allowance

Very few, if any, go into fostering for the financial reward. However, we believe that it is important that foster carers are given financial payments that cover the ‘costs’ of caring for children in foster care as well as a ‘reward’ element that recognises your time and effort.

The exact amount of fostering payments offered to foster carers is dependent upon the type of placement. Payments may vary due to the age of the child and the individual needs of that child.

Foster carers are classed as self-employed and receive tax relief, meaning you’ll often pay very little (or no) tax and National Insurance.
Although our payments are very competitive, we strongly believe it is impossible to place a monetary value on work that foster carers undertake on a day to day basis.

Training And Development

Infinity Foster Care is committed to providing high quality foster care services for children. We believe that foster carers play a crucial role in promoting good outcomes for children in their care and should have opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge – as professionals – in the foster care service. Therefore, we expect our foster carers to continue their learning and development throughout their fostering career, as such, we provide ongoing training and development opportunities for new and experienced carers.

Infinity Foster Care has a tiered approach to training:


Level 1 – training courses designed for new carers.


Level 2 – training courses designed for experienced carers.


Level 3 – training courses are designed for those carers who want to become specialist carers.

We have a comprehensive training programme, delivering amongst others, the following:
• Skills to Foster • First Aid • Managing Challenging Behaviour • Parent and Child placements • Child Protection • Safe Caring

Alongside training courses, you will be invited to attend support group sessions, enabling you the opportunity to learn and benefit from more experienced foster carers, fostering social workers and other professionals.

‘Supporting you to support them’