Infinity Foster Care

A local independent fostering service dedicated to supporting people looking to become foster carers.



We believe that one of the greatest things you can do in your life is to make a real, positive and lasting difference to the life of a child or young person.

Research has consistently shown that foster carers provide a wonderful resource for children in times of need. Foster carers can vastly improve the future outcomes for children and young people in care and greatly reduce their chances of future homelessness, unemployment, mental and physical health concerns, and involvement with the criminal justice system. When cared for properly, foster children have gone onto achieve tremendous things in life.

What you require to foster

We understand that fostering a child or young person is a big decision. It can be challenging but it is immensely rewarding.


The Role of a foster carer

As a foster carer you will become the most important member of a caring team, providing support for a child in need.



Transfer to infinity foster care

Transfer protocols guide the way in which the movement of foster carers should be managed between fostering services.


Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose sets out the aims and objectives of Infinity Foster Care as a Independent Fostering Service Provider.
Our Aim

Our aim is to provide foster families and support packages for children and young people ‘looked after’ that offer a stable and consistent experience of family life, to enhance and maximise their life opportunities.

Children and Young People in Care
Regardless of the circumstances a child has been through, we believe in delivering a foster care service that places their needs at the centre of everything we do and help provide a safe and prosperous future for every child that is placed with Infinity Foster Care and our approved carers.
Foster Carer Recruitment
We recruit and retain foster carers from diverse backgrounds thus ensuring a range of appropriate placements for children and young people.
Working with Local Authorities
We are registered with numerous Local Authorities across London, Essex and Home Counties. Since our establishment we have built a strong reputation both with Local Authority Placement Teams and carers for providing a responsive, supportive and professional 24 hour service.

What our Foster Carers say…

“In my time fostering with Infinity I have found that they will always go the ‘extra mile’ to help support us with foster children.”

SY - Infinity Foster Carer

“Infinity Foster Care are very good and considerate at ‘matching’ us with the children and young person(s) that we care for.”

FA - Infinity Foster Carer

“We very much feel part of a fostering family at Infinity Foster Care. We are treated and well respected as professionals.”

DS - Infinity Foster Carer

‘Together we can make a real difference!’